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**Formerly, Infidelity / Surviving Sexual Betrayal If you found yourself on this page, chances are your relationship is suffering from purity issues. I want you to know YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!! As a Marriage Mentor / Women's Mentor here at River Valley and Certified Trauma Life Coach, I have met many women who have battled the effects of trauma from sexual betrayal of a partner. Tru News reports 57% of pastors claim porn addiction is the most damaging issue for their congregations, while 69% say porn has adversely impacted their own church. This same study found that 68% of church - going men view porn on a regular basis. Behind each one of these men is a woman who has been traumatized by the effects of Sexual Betrayal. Porn and purity issues are a problem in our society and even in our churches. In many cases porn leads to even more destructive behaviors including affairs and sexual addiction. Whether through pornography, sexual addiction, an emotional affair, or an actual physical affair outside the marriage, the effects of sexual betrayal are both physical and emotional for a woman whose partner has been unfaithful. My husband and I went through this battle ourselves. With the help of a Small Group study on Sexual Betrayal we have found a deeper relationship with Christ as a result. Our marriage is the strongest it has ever been. With hard work, prayer and dedication to these biblical principles we believe that other couples can have the same success. If you are married or engaged to be married and need help navigating these turbulent waters, and are looking for guidance through biblical principles to save your marriage, I believe this life group / support group can be a safe place to share your feelings and learn how to navigate your future with Christ leading the way. This Small group will be in the format of a biblical study using the work book RESCUED by: Shelly Martinkus, this book can be purchased for $24.99 on Amazon new and used (slightly less cost) designed to help women who have been affected by sexual betrayal in their marriage / relationships. We will be meeting in my home in Apple Valley.

Diane Zachary

15760 Diamond Way
Apple Valley, MN 55124-6897

Wednesday at 6:30 PM

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In Person

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Group begins on 09/21/2022.

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