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Join us as we serve meals with The Union Gospel Mission on the first and third Sundays of each month from 5:00pm-7:00pm! You can park anywhere in our lot, even in spots designated as staff only. You can enter through the Bethel Hotel entrance and our front desk staff will direct you to our kitchen area. Once you arrive in the kitchen, our kitchen staff will give instructions on how to serve the meal. We will provide everything you need, and our kitchen staff will be present the entire time to help and support you. Here are some other things to be mindful of: - Wear closed-toed shoes - Make sure clothing covers the chest, shoulders, underarms, torso, and knees - Hairnets (provided by UGMTC) or hat (brought by the volunteer) - Gloves and aprons (provided by UGMTC) Here is a helpful resource,

Diane Donatell

435 University Ave E
Saint Paul, MN 55130-4437


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Serve Our Community


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Group begins on 02/04/2023.

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