Explore | Crosstown Winter 2021


Explore is a Core Group designed to inspire and enlarge your global heart as we study the biblical basis of missions and hear from some of our great missionaries. At River Valley, our heart is global because God’s heart is global. That’s why we believe that every follower of Jesus Christ should explore and know their role within God’s Great Commission. For this season, free childcare will be offered with limited capacities on a first come, first serve basis. Registration will be required for each child individually which will secure a spot in childcare for the whole Explore session. Register each child through this link: https://myrock.rivervalley.org/page/974?EventOccurrenceId=3064

Todd Flicek

Monday at 6:30 PM

Life Group Type:
Core Group


In Person

Childcare Available:

Group begins on 01/25/2021.

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